Common Mistakes a Permit Expeditor Prevents

Common Mistakes a Permit Expeditor Prevents

Common Mistakes a Permit Expeditor Prevents

Building plans and permits

Discover the common mistakes a Permit Expeditor can prevent in building permits and business licenses. Learn how to avoid costly errors and streamline your application process.

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Due to a deep understanding of regional codes and jurisdictions, a Permit ExpeditorSee description can prevent a client from making timely, expensive errors. They can recognize issues during the preliminary review and due diligence phases of a project and work to build a solution that will mitigate problems before they even hit the planning department.

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Avoid Submitting to All Required Departments

Depending on a project’s scope of work, an applicant may need to submit their application to multiple departments. For example, restaurant projects require submissions to the health department in addition to the general planning department. A Permit ExpeditorSee description knows which departments to submit to and ensures no required departments are omitted.

Ensure All Required Paperwork is Submitted

Different jurisdictions have different paperwork requirements, making it easy to miss essential documents. For example, in Texas, you need to submit a TDLR registration, and in North Carolina, you must file for a Lean Agent to get the building permit issued. Permit ExpeditorsSee description are familiar with these requirements and ensure you have the necessary paperwork to meet local regulations.

Prevent Time Delays in Permit Applications

Without the resources to regularly follow up with planning officials, applications can get lost. Permit ExpeditorsSee description consistently check in with the planning department to confirm the status and expedite the process. Their relationships with local representatives also facilitate easier access to information pertinent to the application.

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The Importance of a Permit Expeditor

The permit process can be challenging. Having a Permit ExpeditorSee description on your side can save you from overspending, making mistakes, and extending deadlines. By leveraging their expertise, you can streamline your application process and avoid common pitfalls.

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