A PERMITOR or Permit Expediter is a professional who specializes in navigating the process of obtaining permits for construction projects. They ensure that all necessary permits are obtained efficiently and that projects comply with local regulations.


✅ What is a VERIFIED member?
It’s a member that already submit its affidavit regarding his experience, studies and insurance and  its background check its also verified.


✅ Who can add reviews?
Only users are allow to add reviews to their PERMITORS.


✅ Who can add endorsements?
Only Silver and Gold members are allow to add endorsements to their peers.


✅ Can I update my subscription to a different kind of membership?
This is an option at any time and you won’t have to pay a new set-up fee.


✅Can a non-member has its own advertising?
Only Gold members and companies related with the industry are allow to have direct advertising with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of PERMITORS. Other advertising on our website is provided by a third party advertising company and we have no really control over.

✅ What happens if there are issues between the client and the Permitor?

In the event of any disputes between the client and the Permitor, either party has the option to initiate a dispute on the platform. This allows our administration to intervene and help facilitate a resolution.


✅How is money handled in projects and services?
In our platform, money management is conducted securely and transparently. When a service or project is agreed upon with a PERMITOR, payment is made at the time of contracting. However, the money is not released to the PERMITOR until the project or service is completed.


✅ Why should I hire a Permitor’s service?

Hiring a Permitor’s service ensures that your project obtains the required permits in a timely and efficient manner.


✅ What is a project?

A project refers to any undertaking with a defined set of objectives, tasks, and timelines aimed at achieving a specific goal. Clients post their project requirements and Permitors submit proposals to fulfill those requirements.


✅ How can I find the Permitor I need?

You can find the Permitor you need by utilizing our platform’s search and filtering features. Our platform will match you with suitable Permitors who meet your criteria.

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